“We deliver a fundamentally different approach to adding known devices and people to a trusted network.”
— Nick Buchanan, CTO



In 2015 we realized there was a massive problem with how many organizations govern identities and manage digital access, and it was only getting worse.

For starters, there was a lot wrong with existing solutions.

  • Username and password are outdated (over 80% of hacking-related breaches are due to weak, default or stolen passwords*).

  • Identity governance lacked context. Static rules don’t account for changing behavior and conditions.

  • Point solutions leave in-between areas of vulnerability to be exploited.

  • The rules and controls designed to keep hackers out also create friction and barriers to the digital tools we all spend so much time using.

Our team realized we had the expertise and experience to use a powerful mix of new and existing technologies to solve the problem and Armor Scientific was born.

*Source: Verizon Data Breach Report (2017)



OUR VISION - Redefine Trust in a digital and physical world

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We were inspired by the idea of bringing high assurance to someone’s individual identity with a shared consensus distributed ledger to ensure trust.

We’re a passionate group of technologists with security, identity, and data science backgrounds. Our goal as a team is to make it easy for everyone to consume technology securely.




With years of experience helping hundreds of customers, we took a data-driven and scientific approach to build solution customers told us they wanted:

  • Deploy a whitelist zero-trust model for identity

  • Create a digital identity for each user without using personal information

  • Eliminate username and password

  • Adapt authentication and authorization based on behavior

  • Provide complete control, transparency, and compliance




We listened, watched, and learned. After five years of stealth development, we have customers with our technology in-hand.

The Armor Suite makes access simple for trusted users and devices, while keeping out untrusted users and eliminating untrusted connections or transactions.

We’re the industry’s first Identity Governance Platform for Universal Access Management. Now users can login with a touch.

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