Quickly and easily access critical information

The typical law enforcement agent needs to access up to 20 databases to do his/her job correctly. When seconds count, quick and easy access helps first responders handle life and death decisions. Armor grants trusted users immediate access to protected databases. First responders can spend more time on law enforcement and helping citizens, and no time remembering and typing passwords.


How it Works

  • The Armor Digital Identity Token is a wearable device that can be set up for proximity login.

  • It grants controlled access to the mobile data terminal whenever a first responder steps into their vehicle.

  • Verified users have immediate access to databases like Nlets, MCIC, Nibors.

  • When they step away, they are automatically logged out.

  • The same works back at the station for staff who can use a fingerprint to log into their workstation granting controlled access to National Crime Information Center (NCIC) and other Justice Department resources.

  • Field and officer staff no longer need to remember and use different passwords for different databases. 

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  • Armor cross verifies multiple public and private key signatures on the fly. 

  • The use of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) protects against key compromise attacks.

  • Private keys are stored on FIPS-104-2 certified hardware and software modules, including on the Armor Digital Identity Token. 

  • Proximity, location, behavioral analytics, and step-up multi-factor workflows ensure protected information can only be accessed according to regulations. All access and activity is stored on a proprietary blockchain to provide immutable audit trail.

First responders risk life and limb to protect and serve others. Armor give fast secure access to information that helps them make better decisions and enable better outcomes.