CTO Interview - It’s a great time to be a serial Entrepreneur

Armor scientific is customer focused

We exist to help our customers navigate the tricky waters of identity and access management in a hyper connected and loose security perimeter world.

In short, we can hardly take credit for inventing the Armor Scientific Platform because we simply built what customers told us they wanted. Here is a  good summary of how the idea for our disruptive solution came about.  

But there is more to building a successful company from scratch than the product.

It is a great time to be an entrepreneur

As Armor CTO and co-found Nick Buchanan explains in this great Idea Mensch interview, there is more to a successful startup than a great idea or even a great product.  

I learned that as an entrepreneur, product is only a part of what you are building. You need a viable business including product, but also must have market need, access to customers and the ability to execute and follow up. All of these things need to align to get a good idea off the ground.

Nick Buchanan
Chief Technology Officer
Armor Scientific

In the interview, Nick explains how he learns from customers, how he brings ideas to life in the lab, as well as a summary Nick’s key learnings and other words of wisdom.

Read the full interview here.